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Read a little about our history as well as a little about each of the folks who make cool things happen here at The Only Love Travel Club.

Our story


After building 4 schools in the last 2 years, we wanted as much help with our project as possible from our friends that weren’t aware of the troubles people go through in impoverished communities. 


We wanted to create affordable “voluntourism” opportunities that included a wide variety of philanthropy, cultural, and adventurous activities. We think it’s important for everyone to see how much love is shared between people in areas where they don’t have much else. It brings a sense of appreciation to our lives on an individual basis and teaches us more about ourselves. Our volunteers get to meet people that live in completely different circumstances, and the people we serve get to see what other opportunities are out in the world, so they can strive to be something great, and not limited to the lack of information that they receive by living in impoverished circumstances. 


Pictured: Our Founder Craig Taylor with some of our friends from Africa!



Read these short blurbs about the folks who make The Only Love Travel Club adventures possible!

craig headshot.png

The Founder of Only Love Foundation is obsessed with culture shock & getting lost on foreign soil. This is what made him who he is. Craig has a passion for meeting new people & experiencing different ways of life.

craig taylor


Trip Coordinator & Exec Director of Only Love Foundation spends his free time as a Singer, Artist, & Lover of learning. David has made friends around the globe, humans and 

animals alike.

david Martinez


 Marketing Specialist & Senior Impact Coordinator, Angel, ensures that the proper level of impact is being made on the people in the communities we work in, as well as on our volunteer team.

angel ventura


Louis Palomo

 Impact Coordinator  

Louis, is an incredible storyteller. Through his beautiful imagery, he has been able to jumpstart our travel club by teaching numerous children in Africa’s largest slum, Kibera (Kenya), capturing captivating stories through the eyes of the children. His impact on the community in Kibera is everlasting.


Amanda Samsoondarrh

 Director of Global Female Outreach (USA)  

Amanda has a strong passion for giving and empowering women in unfortunate circumstances. She took the reigns as director in order to create an impact in female education, hygiene and hygienic resources, and overall prosperity of girls and women in impoverished and underdeveloped communities. Her main objective is to mobilize educational & hygienic resources to promote health and education for girls around the world.


kenneth kaplan

Director of Science & Technology,

Ken is a Special Education Teacher with a drive for creating educational equality through the use of technology. Ken has been the driving force in mobilizing technological education resources to children in the Kenyan school system. Responsible for the building and programming of multiple computer labs, Ken has been tirelessly constructing a way to allow students and teachers to make proper use of technology to close the educational inequality gaps.


Stacey Jay

 Branding Director

The founder and CEO of Think Branding Co. Early in her designing career, she noticed that many clients needed more than just a pretty design to create an operable brand. Think Branding Co. soon evolved from a freelancing design company to a full-fledged holistic branding company! These days, I strive to provide my clients with a holistic branding experience, including the responsibility of keeping Only Love Travel Club content, fresh and visible.


aime milembe

Impact Coordinator (Rwanda) 

Aime has been the Only Love Foundation footprint in Rwanda. He and our teammate Jacques worked together and created multiple partnerships with organizations on the ground, leading us to discover countless primary school projects that will impact thousands of students all around Rwanda.


Amanda Murano

 Coordinating Director (USA)  For the first ever Only Love Travel Club volunteer trip in 2018, Amanda was meticulous in creating daily schedules itinerary and organizing adrenaline based excursions on the ground. We use the same format that she created, in every country around the world, which allows our volunteers to feel completely fulfilled, energized and ready to create more positive social change in the world.


Fidele Ntaganzwa 

Transport Director & Tourism Manager (Rwanda) With the brightest smile and a vast amount of connections in the beautiful Rwanda, Fidele makes our volunteers comfortable and excited, the minute that they walk out of Rwanda's international airport and smell the fresh air.

Aside from transport to daily volunteer work at our schools and to our accommodations, Fidele enjoys taking the scenic route to show our volunteers the actual beauty of Rwanda, leaving your heart excited for your stay.


Amanda Fernandez

 Impact Coordinator, Travel Club Program Manager (USA) Thanks to Amanda, our travel programs run smoothly in every country. It was with her direction during early trips that she identified solutions and created a transition for our volunteers. Ensuring that the chaos of unknown and unforeseen events are kept to a minimum, which in turn, ensures the safety and comfort of every guest and essential team member. 


Jacques Bihozagara

Impact Coordinator (Rwanda) Jacques has been the Only Love Foundation Footprint in Rwanda. He and our teammate Aime worked together and created multiple partnerships with organizations on the ground, leading us to discover countless primary school projects that will impact thousands of students all around Rwanda.


Alexia Papadis

Impact Coordinator, Belgium of Only Love Foundation Alexia has proven to be an exemplary leader. Her ability to organize and execute research has allowed Only Love  to grow substantially in a short time. 

Through her skillset, she has been able to create international partnerships with essential individuals in the educational and corporate space. Thanks to her work, our organization has been able to build 4 computer labs in underdeveloped communities around the world, impacting thousands of students, teachers and staff, as well as opening up partnership opportunities for projects in multiple African nations.


Chico nyoni

Transport Director & Tourism Manager ( South Africa) Chico,Transport Director & Tourism Manager, South Africa For the last 4 years, Chico has been an amazing teammate. He insures that our volunteers land, get picked up and transported safely to their accommodations in the beautiful South Africa. Chico is very knowledgeable about his community and he makes sure he delivers the best historical and current events to our guests through his sightseeing-storytelling approach.


Mia Carranza

Creativity Director

With Mia’s passion for writing and creativity, you’ll always find her keeping our social media pages engaging. She keeps our accounts up-to-date, showcasing our travel programs and volunteer opportunities (and all the fun memories we create while making a difference). She’s helped to expand Only Love Foundation’s reach through Instagram and looks forward to bringing the mission of the Only Love Travel Club to people around the world through new platforms

IMG_4581 2-25.JPG

Bernard Asanya

Manager & Principal (Kenya)Bernard is one of the most fantastic, loving, high-energy people you will ever meet. His passion for creating prosperity in the lives of people in his community speaks for itself. Working 7 days a week at the school to ensure children have somewhere to go outside of their daily slum living, feeding the children proper meals, and managing 400 students, 20+ teachers and unmeasurable amounts of volunteers, Bernard does it all with a constant smile on his face. He is well respected by the children and the surrounding community, and will take care of our guests during their daily volunteering routine in Kibera, thanks to the wonderful support and teachings of our affiliate organization Crossing Thresholds.


Emmanuella Ndwano

Impact Director (Rwanda)

Bio coming soon

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